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Thermal paste

Thermal paste or thermal compound is essential in CPU and GPU cooling. Without thermal paste, there is no cooling! Applying or reapplying thermal paste to the main processor, the dedicated graphics card, and the integrated graphics chipset is essential and mandatory. For equipment older than 5 years, whether or not they have been used intensively,…
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RAM Memory

RAM Memory is required for each IT equipment. Whether it is a desktop PC or a laptop, mobile phone or tablet, it must have random access memory in order to work. The international term Random Access Memory (RAM). The RAM for computers is different from the storage memory, ie the case of the hard disk.…
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SSD (Solid State Drive)

What is an SSD (Solid State Drive)? SSD (Solid State Drive) represents a natural progression that began with USB memory sticks. Today, there are far fewer people who still burn CDs and DVDs and generally use USB sticks for data transfer. This popularity has occurred due to the much higher speed, reliability and storage capacity. Because the…
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The computer motherboard

The computer motherboard The computer motherboard is the second most important hardware component of a desktop computer system build. The computer motherboard is a component that must withstand extreme temperatures and withstand continuous shutdown and restart. To ensure that the motherboards are able to meet the demanding tolerances, they are developed and manufactured with care and…
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PC power supply. Acquisition and Assembly.

How to choose a power supply for your computer What does an “ATX” PC source mean? ATX stands for Advanced Technology eXtended. In short, it defines a set of standards in measurements and shapes that help transform things like computer power supplies interchangeable with each other. We are writing this article about choosing the right…
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